Caroline provided tutoring for my son in the run up to his A level.  We found her to be inspirational.  Her knowledge of the curriculum is excellent and she taught by empowering my son to believe in his abilities. I felt that Caroline's motives for tutoring are her love of the language and the desire to get the best out of every child.

Jayne Fearnley

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Fluent in both French and Spanish, Caroline has a creative flair for languages and teaches in an enthusiastic, playful and caring way!  The needs of the learner are always her first consideration.  Whether it's French or Spanish, Caroline's love of languages shines through in all her teaching.

Christian Bruce-Halliwell - Head of MFL at Rossett School

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Having known Caroline for many years, I have witnessed at first hand her great love of languages and nature.  She has incredible knowledge and expertise in each area and is a natural at finding ways to share her enthusiasm and impart knowledge to all ages and abilities.  I have seen her calmly and compassionately talk terrified walkers down from mountain tops, as well as seeing both tots and teens develop a love and enjoyment of languages as a result of her fun and innovative teaching methods.  I cannot recommend her services highly enough!

Rebecca Walker


Caroline is a wonderful teacher.  As a returner to French, after O Levels too many years ago, I was very nervous about starting again, but I needn’t have been.  Her friendly and sympathetic attitude meant that I was immediately made to feel confident and happy to respond to the linguistic challenges she sets.

Her lessons are carefully planned and the study schedule is usefully sent out a couple of days before our weekly lesson - she has seamlessly adapted her lessons to the Zoom classroom. I was quickly engaged in a series of related questions on both simple topics (everyday exchanges such as, “How are you?, “what have you done today”) , to much more challenging issues such as domestic or international news, pandemics or poverty! 

Her enthusiastic, friendly styles makes me seek out French TV news and newspapers, look up difficult words and then relish the challenge of weaving these into a sentence when later responding in class. 

I know my French language skills have grown significantly over the three months; and after Caroline’s efforts I can't wait to put them to the test on our trip to Geneva next month!

Bruce Noble

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Caroline provided extra tuition for both of my children during their respective GCSE years.  The relaxed teaching style and standard of tuition was excellent and both of my children benefitted greatly.  I would unequivocally and wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Simon Williams

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Caroline completed her HML with us in April 2018.  We were immediately impressed with her excellent navigational skills and her competence with regards to incident management and safety on the hills.  She also has very good knowledge of flora and fauna and she is a real people person.  We have no doubt she will run a superb course with all her expertise and experience.

Alex Ekins and Chris Allewell of Beyond the Edge


Caroline is an excellent tutor.  My niece had the benefit of lessons to assist with her GCSE French.  We found Caroline to be an expert in the language, very well organised, and enthusiastic and encouraging in her teaching style.  She also had an in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and exam board and was able to provide invaluable tips as to how to achieve a good mark.  My niece enjoyed the lessons and progressed quickly in areas in which she had previously struggled, ultimately achieving an A* grade.

Sally Jackson

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Caroline is a wonderful teacher who is full of fun and engaging ideas which really motivate students to learn languages. Caroline always goes above and beyond when giving individual support to students and she really boosts their confidence.  Caroline will make an ideal private tutor due to this.  
Caroline can teach students of all ages.  She has a fantastic rapport with younger children and she is an expert at teaching Spanish A level.  
For any student who wishes to improve their speaking skills or grammatical knowledge in French or Spanish, Caroline is the ideal person to contact.  Whatever you need in foreign language learning, Caroline will be able to meet your requirements.

Bev Bowman - Head of Spanish at Rossett School in Harrogate

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