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French and Spanish for adults via zoom or face-to-face



Are you keen to improve your knowledge of French or Spanish?
I can meet your individual needs and tailor lessons to suit your level and ability.

Do you wish to start from scratch?

Do you want to improve your confidence speaking French or Spanish for your holidays?  

Perhaps you would like a greater understanding of grammatical structures or the tenses?

Or maybe you would like to improve your language skills for your role at work?
If you want to perfect and continue to stretch yourself with your French and Spanish, I can support and encourage you with this too. 

See below for testimonials from my clients.



Caroline is a wonderful teacher.  As a returner to French, after O Levels too many years ago, I was very nervous about starting again, but I needn’t have been.  Her friendly and sympathetic attitude meant that I was immediately made to feel confident and happy to respond to the linguistic challenges she sets.

Her lessons are carefully planned and the study schedule is usefully sent out a couple of days before our weekly lesson - she has seamlessly adapted her lessons to the Zoom classroom. I was quickly engaged in a series of related questions on both simple topics (everyday exchanges such as, “How are you?, “what have you done today”) , to much more challenging issues such as domestic or international news, pandemics or poverty! 

Her enthusiastic, friendly styles makes me seek out French TV news and newspapers, look up difficult words and then relish the challenge of weaving these into a sentence when later responding in class. 

I know my French language skills have grown significantly over the three months; and after Caroline’s efforts I can't wait to put them to the test on our trip to Geneva next month! - Bruce Noble

Caroline is such a wonderful teacher! It’s great to learn in a relaxing environment with lessons tailored to you personally! - Naomi Younger