Inspiring a love of nature and of languages

Are you keen to offer something a little different?  Are you looking for enrichment with a wow factor?  I teach French and Spanish outdoors bringing together my love of nature and of languages.  I am qualified as a Hill and Moorland Leader, I have my Outdoor First Aid certificate and I am a trained, experienced and well respected language specialist.

In my view it is vital that we encourage young people to feel a connection with the natural world around them.  We are surrounded by such beauty and they need to learn to embrace it.  For me it is also incredibly important that they learn to speak other languages and develop an awareness and acceptance of other cultures and societies.  

I have been a language teacher for 13 years and I am a keen advocate of outdoor learning.  I am certain that children feel freer and less inhibited once they are playing outside and even those who struggle in the classroom may have the chance to blossom and flourish. 

Through LinGo Explore I am available to offer enrichment classes for primary schools students.  I will build a programme for you involving the seasons and key festivals.  I shall always include the weather, colours, little songs to begin and end each lesson and lots of general questions.  I shall develop new schemes of work encompassing a wide range of topics bringing in the natural world at every opportunity.  


Children learn through play and role play is very important.  Essentially they must feel happy and comfortable to speak the other language.  Here you can see they are enjoying asking for pizza with their woodland animals.



In my lessons with young children I always like to end with a story to settle and calm them and bring together what we have learned that day.


Junior school pupils also need the chance to run and play and learning outside can be extremely effective.  I can teach them using props and there is so much more space to get them moving and speaking and working in pairs.



Primary school language learning with an outdoor practitioner


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